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2023 Talent Management trends to keep an eye on

Juan Pablo Rizzo
Posted by Juan Pablo Rizzo on Feb 6, 2023 3:59:51 PM

Back in the day, 2023 seemed far away. But whether we like it or not, it is finally here and, unfortunately, there are not any flying cars or floating skateboards in the spotlight, as predicted in the well-known movie Back to the Future. What we do have is lots of new trends and constant change when it comes to managing talents in a VUCA world. The acronym VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Although it is said that its origins come from the US military during the Cold War, the truth is the term was invented by two economists a couple of years before. However, the aim of this article is not to discuss the origins of the term but to discuss the trends in talent management expected for 2023.


  • New flexibility

After Covid-19 stroke, we have all heard of the term ‘New normality’. Well, for this article let’s kick flexibility up a notch and call it ‘New flexibility’ instead. After the pandemic, whereas some claim they are not going back to the office ever again, others are longing for the day they can go back. We, humans, are a mystery, so why not give collaborators the chance to choose? At Virtualmind, we have the ‘Work from Anywhere’ benefit that allows our collaborators to work from any place in the world. The best part? There is no time or duration limit! And, everyone gets a special budget to book co-work spaces as well!

Nowadays, it is important to let the members of your team work where and when they want. Which means, there is no room for micromanaging. Trust has to be present all the time and it is important to let collaborators balance their work and personal life.   


  • Well-being and sense of belonging

As the years pass, professionals seek more benefits that prioritize or help improve their well-being. Virtualmind’s People Care team goes above and beyond to make sure our team is well taken care of. For this reason, we have our Active Pause sessions each week, an exclusive space for Virtualminders to relax, exercise, and take care of themselves while staying active! 

In addition, it is extremely important for us that our collaborators not only feel like they belong but also feel they are part of something bigger and greater. That’s why, besides our quarterly meetings, we have periodic 1on1 meetings, team-building activities, and coffee-talks, designed to get to know people apart from your closer team members.


  • Development

Professionals value more and more the development opportunities their company brings. They would like to grow as much as possible and they would like the place they work at to support that growth. This is something we particularly agree on, as we always like to highlight and acknowledge there is no limit when it comes to learning new things and acquiring new skills.

At Virtualmind, we have our own training and certification program, which gives our collaborators the chance to constantly learn new things. Moreover, each Virtualminder has a yearly budget to request the books they would like to read!


To wrap it up, these are the trends to keep an eye on in 2023 along with some ideas on how to put them into practice! And to end this article, I would like to share a fact with you: Did you know that 70% of employees say that motivation and morale would improve “massively” with managers saying thank you more, according to a Reward Gateway study”? Anyway, that is a topic for a future article…


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