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3 talent management facts to learn from the World Cup

Juan Pablo Rizzo
Posted by Juan Pablo Rizzo on Dec 14, 2022 3:46:38 PM

This year’s World Cup raised excitement but lots of questions as well. And although there are several reasons why we should not put the tournament in the spotlight, some moments are worth being spread out.


You may be wondering how this relates to talent management and that is totally fair. But this article aims to prove there is much to learn from literally every situation. Keep on reading and find out what lessons on team management we may learn from the World Cup.

Whether you are a football fan or not, you probably have heard about the three iconic moments to be discussed:


  • Argentina’s goalkeeper’s picture with the team’s support staff

Before every game, Emiliano “El Dibu” Martínez shares a picture that catches everyone’s eye. It is a selfie with someone from the team’s support staff. This selfless act reminds us of how everyone on the team needs to be as important as the person next to them. At least, that is how we do things in Virtualmind. No matter how old you are, how long it is since you joined, or anything really, you are considered a Virtualminder from day one and everyone will treat you with the same respect.


  • Japan’s fans exit the stadium leaving no trace behind

Even after facing defeat, Japan is all over the news. Why? It’s simple, their acts are louder than their words. Working with a team that is committed and aligned with our values is something we aspire for in Virtualmind. It is not just a made-up quote to say that happy collaborators are your best advertisers. And in the same way, acting according to what you stand for is the best way of showing who you are.


  • Germany’s courageous act of support towards LGBTQ+ rights

We, Virtualminders, believe that in our differences lies our strength. Only because we are powered and enriched by our multicultural environment we achieve great outcomes. The German team standing out in support of the LGBTQ+ community is another example of how important it is to build a team with the same values and ideals, a team that has each other’s back in any case.


In conclusion, there is always plenty to learn. So I dare you to keep an eye open and identify lessons from any random situation in your life! And bear in mind that actions speak louder than words and these iconic moments from the world cup are its evidence.

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