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3 tips to communicate as a pro!

MarCom Team
Posted by MarCom Team on Sep 2, 2022 1:29:33 PM

Communication is everywhere. It involves each and every one of us, no matter what we studied, what we do, or what industry we work with. But before even starting to discuss such a topic, we must understand the following: everything sends a message. And once that concept is learned, the chances of communicating effectively increase. 

For this reason, having a Communications department that focuses on working with and recommending good practices to the rest of the company is key when aiming to excel at what you do.

But before we dig deeper into that, let’s talk about the main communication barriers. They are always present and some of them are easier to understand, like noise, but others are a bit more complex… Here are 3 tips for you to nail your communication:


Think before you speak

Sounds quite like a cliché, right? The truth is that if we speak with a mess in our minds, the receiver is very likely to misunderstand us. In corporate communication, it is extremely important to bear this in mind, especially when communicating a big change to all of the collaborators. If the speaker hesitates, doubts themselves, or keeps coming back and forth with an idea, the receiver is bound to get the impression they do not even know what they are talking about. And apart from not getting the message the speaker was trying to convey, they are bound to question the company’s transparency, which may unchain many other problems…


Understand who the receiver is

It may seem obvious but, unfortunately, it is not unusual for the speaker to forget this. It is of high importance to acknowledge who your audience is so that you can adapt your message. The phrases you are going to use, the tone, the style, and even the channel depend on who you are talking to. It is not the same to talk to collaborators, a reporter, or a client, for instance. And at the same time, the channel you choose affects the message you are trying to send, either if it is slack, email, or a 1:1 call.


Make it interesting

… yet put emphasis on the content! There are several ways of capturing your audience’s attention, maybe by cracking a joke at the start or making a reference to a well-known topic. However, it is crucial not to lose track. Find the core issue you want to communicate and prepare your message around it making it relevant for the receiver. And remember, humor is usually a good way of catching your audience’s eye; nevertheless, this is not always the case as the resource we use to make a message interesting will depend on the topic we are dealing with. 


In conclusion, effective communication is all around us. That is why we wanted to highlight how important it is for your company’s teams to work in cooperation with the communication department! And, one more tip before this article ends, always remember that remaining silent also communicates; but that is something we will discuss in our next article…

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