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Cheesy quotes to identify if your culture is at risk

Sofía Perez Guntin
Posted by Sofía Perez Guntin on Dec 7, 2022 1:54:03 PM

Organizational culture is key in every type of company. But, even more, when working under the nearshoring model since blended teams and different cultures enter the game. Let’s take Virtualmind as an example, our team is made up of software engineers from all over Latin America and we partner up with North American clients working together to boost their projects… It is crystal clear that taking great care of organizational culture is a must.


This article aims to share three key indicators that would help you detect if your organizational culture is at risk:


  • Teamwork makes the dream work

This section could have easily been named ‘Negativism and ego taking control of the workplace’ yet to honor the best practices in organizational culture we decided to be more positive… Attitude can be contagious and when the environment is surrounded by people who see conflict as the only way of achieving things the company’s culture is threatened. In addition, workers that are all about themselves can affect it too as it is hard for them to promote and coexist with team members. Counting on an excellent recruitment team is a must as it can guarantee you are choosing candidates who are the perfect fit for your company


  • Nobody is as good as all of us together

This is something both coworkers and management have to be aware of. When special treatment is present it is hard not to notice it and it tends to create hostility. It is important to be as constructive as possible when giving feedback and to highlight each person’s strengths without the need of comparing.

Virtualmind, for example, owns a well-established internal feedback process, created by the People Care team. In addition to being able to ask their leaders for feedback when needed, Virtualminders get the chance to have 1 on 1 meetings with People Care to chat about how they are feeling and discuss their goals. 


  • Communication is the lifeline of any relationship

At work (and in every aspect of your life) effective communication can spare you lots of problems. When working as a team or delegating tasks you must be as clear as possible so that everyone is updated and you avoid misunderstandings. Lack of communication among teammates, and within the company, is usually the base of every issue. Effective communication has to be one of the characteristics you are looking for in all of your collaborators, but especially in your team leaders. And never forget to encourage team collaboration with the MarCom department as well!


Identifying these threats in an early stage can help you deal with them in the best possible way. And the good news is that each and every single one of them can be prevented by working with great leaders that contribute to building an excellent organizational culture. When there is loyalty, commitment, and positivism around you are talking about a great place to work.

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