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Communication, actually, is all around

Sofía Perez Guntin
Posted by Sofía Perez Guntin on Jan 9, 2023 10:15:00 AM

There are some songs that as soon as they start playing we all start singing along, even though I can’t be certain how. On some occasions we somehow know the lyrics or if not at least we recognize the melody and start humming or nodding our heads following the rhythm. That is the case of “Love is all around us” from the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, which was then changed by one of the characters of “Love Actually”, turning it into a Christmas song. For this article, I would like to propose a third remake, this time switching love for communication. 

I feel it in my fingers 

I feel it in my toes 

Communication (Love/Christmas/) that's all around me 

And so the feeling grows


With this, I intend to show you how important it is in life to have communication skills, understanding them as the ability to convey or share ideas and feelings effectively. Some of them we are born with yet others can be developed through life. Have you ever thought of communication skills as an asset in your professional career?


Being a good communicator will make you stand out in the workplace as it gives you the tools to interact with your colleagues in an effective and empathetic way. For this reason, I would consider assertiveness to be one of the main skills that need to be developed. I would define being assertive as the art of speaking your mind respecting everyone’s rights and opinions. In other words, getting what you want without causing any collateral damage. In the workplace, where everyone wishes to shine, achieve their goals, and grow professionally, owning assertive communication skills will help you get ahead in business. Assertive communication involves the perfect amount of confidence and humility and the ability to understand and be cool with your place in life


Improving your communication skills will not only help you increase your self-esteem but it will also have a positive impact on the entire team. In this sense, my biggest tip would be to always speak from a constructive point of view, bearing in mind everyone’s feelings and rights. Being the first month of 2023 I would like to propose a challenge: try to be more conscious of how communication skills help you in the workplace and identify both what you can work on and what helps you achieve your goals! And to wrap it up, since I have already taken the liberty to change the song lyrics, I will also change one of my favorite lines from Love Actually: Communication, actually, is all around us.

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