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Earning the "Great Place to Work" Badge for the 4th Consecutive Year

Sofía Perez Guntin
Posted by Sofía Perez Guntin on Aug 21, 2023 11:00:00 AM

For any company, creating a positive and conducive work environment is essential. It not only motivates everyone within the company to give their best but also acts as a magnet for the top talents in the industry. Recognition as a "Great Place to Work" for one year is an honor, but to achieve it for three years in a row is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our people. As we are in the process of our 4th certification, let's delve into the process and its significance for our company.


The Rigorous Certification Process:

Earning the "Great Place to Work" badge isn't a walk in the park. It starts with the Trust Index Employee Survey, where we try to feel the heartbeat of trust, pride, and team spirit in our company. Now, imagine juggling feedback from our awesome collaborators all over LATAM. Every country, every culture brings its own flavor and point of view. Blending all these diverse voices into one harmonious response? Well, it's like putting together a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. It's tough, but the effort and dedication make the achievement all the more special.


Three Times and Counting:

Achieving this certification three times in a row is not merely about maintaining a standard but about consistently elevating our workplace environment. But hopefully four years in a row? That's not just a streak; it's a vibe! It shows:


  • Consistency in Excellence: This isn't about just ticking boxes; it's about pushing boundaries. Every nod we've received is a shoutout to our tireless efforts to make our workplace a little better every day, no matter the hurdles.
  • Trust Vibes: Our crew doesn't just work here; they believe in what we're doing. They feel seen, valued, and they're all in. That kind of trust? It's the magic potion for fresh ideas, team spirit, and getting things done.
  • Talent Magnet: With every award, we're not just polishing our trophy shelf but also sending out an invite. "Top talents out there, wanna join a winning team?"
  • Happy Team, Happy Dream: When our team's happy, it shines through in our work, in our products, and in the smiles of our clients. Happiness isn't just a mood; it's our growth strategy.


The Road Ahead:

Getting the "Great Place to Work" nod isn't just about the shiny badge, it's about the heart and soul of our team. This isn't a finish line; it's another mile in our marathon to make our workplace feel like home.

Four years in a row? That's not just a pat on the back. It's a promise—a promise that we'll keep the trust our family of collaborators has placed in us. And whether we get it or not, it means we've got to keep stepping up our game, always aiming for better.

So, to every single soul who's been with us on this wild ride: a massive thank you! Your spirit, your energy, your belief in what we stand for— that's our real win. Let's keep the momentum going and make every year feel like we're on top of the world! Cheers to more laughter, more achievements, and an epic place to work!

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