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Embracing diversity: the secret behind Virtualminders

Florencia Giovannelli
Posted by Florencia Giovannelli on Mar 7, 2023 2:15:04 PM

What comes to your mind when you picture a team of software engineers? Is it a group of people working together in an office, sharing water-cooler conversations, living a few blocks or an hour tops away, and making jokes over a cup of coffee? The truth is that reality is much different, especially after the huge unexpected turn of events 2020 brought. Sharing high-fives, ordering food all together, and asking your colleague to please remain silent are a few examples of what changed. However, our team acts as that was not the case. Virtualminders interact as never before, embracing diversity.


We, Virtualminders, are a strong team made up of engineers from all over LATAM with a distinctive way of thinking that is powered and enriched by our differences. United, committed, focused, and caring… All from miles apart. Working in such a multicultural environment enables us to approach issues and tasks in different ways and strengthens us to be a better team.

Not only do we enjoy working together but also our proactiveness and eagerness to achieve awesomeness are enabled by our respect and appreciation for each culture. Learning things about each team member’s country and its culture is what brings us together and powers our creativity. In terms of virtuality, our team has no clue of what the cons are. We work really hard each day to build the greatest place to work and be, even if it is not conventional.

In addition, and in the words of one Virtualminder, “working with a team located in different countries is like traveling from home”. It is incredible what a conversation, mostly between people from different backgrounds, can make. Nowadays we have Virtualminders in over … countries and counting. We are eager to discover where the next Newminders are from! 

To wrap things up, working without a physical office working with colleagues from different countries may be challenging. But, what is life without something to spice it up with? If not, ask our outstanding team of engineers. Because no matter how many languages we speak, which country has a better football team, or the debate of where the origin of mate comes from, our willingness to nail at what we do will never cease to exist! 

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