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Having the best players in your team: how to develop talent

Fernando Judzon
Posted by Fernando Judzon on May 18, 2022 2:00:00 PM

We all like to hear success stories, such as how Lionel Messi overcame all his physical difficulties to become one of the best soccer players in the world, or how Morgan Freeman went from being a complete stranger to a worldwide recognized actor at age 53. There is, however, a long path in the middle that we often do not pay enough attention to the path of talent development. How we go from potential to actual great performance is a process that our People Care department focuses deeply on. So, here, we would like to share some insight on how to improve talent development at your organization.


  • Have a clear notion of your company objectives

Knowing where you are heading is one of the first steps if you want to develop your staff’s talent. When you have clear goals as a company, you can not only hire people aligned with those goals but also focus the training of your already existing team on them.


  • Identify your staff’s skills

Making an inventory of the skills you have available is another great way to start. By doing so, you can have a clear idea of what you already have, and how you can train -or retrain- your people towards the objectives you have set out to reach.


  • Use different training methodologies

Every person learns differently. The training process should be as diverse as your people are: do not be afraid to try “unconventional” or hybrid training models. Think of possibilities such as online learning, self-learning, mentoring, shadowing, coaching, immersion programs, and more. 


  • Create a continuous learning culture

Talent development and training should not be only “a program” that we remember every once in a while: it has to be a part of our company's DNA. We should encourage our collaborators to learn something new every day, facilitating the time and the context for them to do so. At Virtualmind we have implemented different training plans, going from certifications and courses to the purchase of books aimed at learning new skills. Continuous training is key for us!


  • Focus on your staff’s potential

Do you know who your key collaborators are? Have you spent time identifying their core skills and those they should develop? As we said at the beginning, even the best talents need development to reach their full potential and not remain in the shadows. So, once you identify those key members of your staff, plan a strategy so they can reach their potential in a measurable time.


We are living in a world where the race for the best talents is stronger every day. There are more job openings than people ready to fill those positions, so, if you have great people working with you, work hard to help them reach their full potential, and the results will certainly pay off.

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