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How to Choose the Right Software Partner

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Jun 26, 2020 10:30:00 AM

This is the ideal Before Takeoff Checklist that you must do before choosing a software partner

Do you have any of these questions in mind?

  • Where should I look for a software partner?
  • What should I investigate before accepting a contract?
  • What should I ask a possible partner?

Previously, you will need to have a Before Takeoff Checklist in mind that includes not only technological but also basic aspects. Think of you as a pilot, whose Before Takeoff Checklist is a key part of the success of the flight, and make sure its fulfilled previous to depart:


  1. 1. The language:

Lack of understanding can not only be a stressor, but it can also cause delays and loss of money. The precision and fluency in the vocabulary will help not only understand but also give depth in communication.

It is not about if they write color or colour, it is a matter of being able to communicate correctly, knowing that what you are saying is not only being heard but understood.

Hint: If you are considering Latin America, this is an English Proficiency ranking: Statistics in Latin America


2. Culturally related:

When we rely on external services to expand our response capacities during the execution of a project, it is necessary to be able to communicate not only idiomatically but also, culturally, which does not mean admiring the use of color by Jackson Pollock, but of the perceptions of reality that have to be aligned with our culture, such as "aesthetics", ”strictness” and "quality", among others.


3. Time zone:

Resources must reside in the same or most similar time zone. It seems naive to put this on the checklist, but it is necessary to highlight that you cannot be brilliant when your body is responding to circadian rhythms and generating melatonin, which results in discomfort and inattention due to lack of sleep. Having a call in that mood may affect its quality, directly impacting the performance of the project and risk it.

On the other side, you don’t want to wait until the following day for an urgent answer or base your communication only on written text. Sometimes online calls are the best way to resolve issues.


4. Unicorn index:

It is a good idea to measure the country where our extension of resources resides, in values such as "number of unicorns created", "number of startups launched", "number of hard science universities", since the social trajectory and the tendency or inclination are susceptible to be innovative but not equal everywhere.

For example, in 2016, Financial Times listed the biggest unicorns in Latin America, with Argentina being the home of the majority, but you can also find real talent in Brazil or Colombia. You can have a look here


5. Methodology: 

Do I have a specific work methodology in mind, or am I open to discover new ones? Let us remember that companies that are dedicated to extending resources have much more experience in these services than we do. Which means that they have a lot to contribute to suggesting formats.


6. Seniority:

As it happens in an airplane cabin, the commander and the co-pilot, are a 50% - 50% "senior" / "mid-level" combination. Great talent, begins with great references to follow. Knowledge is incorporated and acquired, and with it, the seniority. Having an all senior developers team is a goal that many companies aspire to, and while some of them reach it, the best ones are the ones that help a trainee become senior. Being able to shape and nurture junior developers surrounding them with senior engineers that once upon a time were like them, provides an integrated staff that for sure will grow to continue being successful.


Frequently, the expansion of resources occurs gradually, and from least to greatest.

If you have checked all the boxes, you are closer to the best decision.


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