Industries and activities that can benefit from software outsourcing

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Jun 22, 2021 4:23:11 PM

Today, almost no industry will not benefit from the services of skilled and experienced IT developers. We have already talked about how software development outsourcing can help a business beyond the traditional advantage of cost-saving. We now want to discuss what industries can take advantage of software partnerships in the most efficient way and how they can do it. While some of the activities listed below are specific industries that benefit directly from software outsourcing, others are products or services that a wide variety of different industries can leverage.


  • Media: Experienced IT professionals with solid skills are helping media companies improve customer relationship management, enhance sales, and optimize billing processes. At Virtualmind, we have developed a Subscription Management Product for the most influential media groups in the US. This platform allows them to improve client onboarding, engagement, and retention by providing a 360-degree view of a customer’s decision journey.    

  • Education: Across the world, education is being reshaped by technology, allowing widespread access to quality educational content and contributing to the democratization of knowledge. Within this particular field, Virtualmind has participated in the development and implementation of the official online platform for NYC families to search for and apply to public schools, from 3-K to high school. The app simplifies the process of applying to a school in the NYC Public School System, allowing families to explore personalized options for their children and offering guidance throughout the admission process. Recently, they decided to expand and create a similar product for other districts, and we were part of that project from the very beginning.

  • Real Estate: Platforms that help realtors generate new leads by gathering relevant information on prospective buyers, home valuation software that can process vast amounts of data to make more accurate estimations, and software tools to create virtual tours more engaging and effective, are some examples of the benefits that real estate stakeholders are reaping from partnering with software development teams.

  • Entertainment: From video streaming platforms to online games or even virtual reality, the entertainment industry is leveraging software outsourcing to create more engaging experiences and connect with their audiences creatively. Outsourcing allows entertainment companies access to cutting-edge tools and knowledge of the latest trends while at the same time tackling the security issues usually associated with this industry.

  • Social Media Management: Social Media plays a crucial role in today’s business. Getting expert assistance allows companies to target their audience, promote their products more accurately, and be updated with the latest social media and industry trends. They can also measure social media initiatives more effectively while saving money and letting their staff stay focused on what is essential for the business.

  • OnDemand Delivery: Software tools in the OnDemand delivery industry aim to bring demand and supply together as fast and effectively as possible. Companies rely on software to facilitate tasks for delivery workers and enhance service quality by processing a massive amount of orders in real-time. Counting on top-notch products allows them to gain access to a broader public, identify their target audience more efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction and retention by making their services more customer-friendly. Software products that help these companies get excellent results are also key to attract new investors in this thriving industry. 

  • Forms Automation: Forms automation offers benefits to a wide variety of different businesses. It increases productivity and improves daily workflow by gathering and storing information in an accessible way and allowing employees to focus on the most critical tasks. Cybersecurity and encrypted records also ensure that they are more secure than other forms of data storage. One of the most common uses of form automation is the distribution of work orders, which enhances employee communication, increases productivity, and minimizes errors.

  • Job Market Analytics:  Software tools have revolutionized the labor market by promoting a much more accurate match of people and jobs. Bridging the gap between employers and potential employees is made possible by analyzing and managing huge amounts of data to bring together the demanded skills and those available in the labor market by offering valuable information to employers, employees, educational institutions, and governments.

  • eDiscovery: Law firms and corporate legal departments turn to software outsourcing in search of expertise, lower costs, and quality. eDiscovery workflow involves a complex set of technical tasks handled by qualified service providers in a much more efficient way, allowing firms to improve processes and security and avoid risks. 

  • Logistics: Outsourcing logistics management allows companies to perform better when delivering their products and services. Automating everyday tasks, improving security, increasing productivity, optimizing delivery routes, and offering a better shipping experience to customers are advantages that the logistics industry can obtain by partnering with expert software developers. 

  • Online Speech Therapy: Software tools designed for online speech therapy sessions offer not only the advantage of broader accessibility but the opportunity to introduce new resources to the therapy process that improve patients’ engagement and enjoyment.    

  • Rewards: Many industries use rewards programs that offer coupons, discounts, or special rates to create loyalty among their customers. Software experts can handle the complex tools required for this kind of campaign on a large scale, allowing for improved security, as well as better tracking, selection, and customer experience.

  • Insurance: From the most traditional benefits of reducing costs, enhancing risk control, and improving efficiency by optimizing processes to create new insurance products and services, the technology-driven transformation has been a constant of the insurance industry for decades now. Qualified outsourcing providers experienced at working with a wide variety of businesses can help insurance companies redesign their processes to better meet their customers’ needs. 

  • Ticketing: Poor communication jeopardizes customer retention and loyalty. And since interactions between customers and businesses occur across a wide range of different channels, a centralized approach to issue resolution that allows for better tracking plays a key role in the effective management of customer relationship management. Expert software partners can help companies implement integrated ticketing software tools to handle all customer support inquiries faster and more efficiently.

    These are only some of the activities that can benefit from an outsourcing partnership. Still, the truth is no company looking to thrive in a highly competitive digital market should underplay the importance of developing top-quality software products and services. By outsourcing their software needs to expert teams of developers, companies across the whole spectrum of the market can gain a competitive edge that is very likely to reflect on their capacity to drive innovation and growth.

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