Is nearshoring the best choice for you?

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Jul 15, 2021 10:40:35 AM

There is a term that every tech company is suddenly talking about: nearshoring. Why, you may ask, is it so popular and what are its advantages over outsourcing? We will take a look at some of its most interesting features, so you can see it for yourself.


*Open communication:

The communication style in Latin America is not exactly the same as in North America but it is much closer to it than the one in Asia. Teams working in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, to mention some, will be ready to share their ideas openly and frankly, bringing in knowledge and expertise that can certainly enhance the projects they work on. 

At the same time, language is normally not a barrier, since most Latin-Americans -especially those working in the technology field- speak fluent English.


*Proximity and an Agile-friendly scenario:

If you enjoy working with an Agile methodology, you know that daily stand-ups are one of the keys to its success. When the team you are working with is in a different time zone, this may become a great difficulty, slowing down the project. 

Also, the Agile methodology requires a lot of back-and-forth interaction. When outsourcing to Asia, for instance, you may have to wait at least 12 hours until your team is back at work if you need to make any adjustment to the code. When everyone shares the work day schedule, on the other hand, this is not a problem: your team is online at the same time as you are, so you can talk to them as if they were in the office next door, thus making the process much more time-efficient.


*Some of the best talents worldwide:

Latin America has some of the most talented and well-trained tech professionals in the world. The education standards are modeled after the North American systems, using the STEM curricula. Several professionals, at the same time, do their post-graduate training abroad, mostly in the United States, so they are well familiar with the American culture.

Latin American countries, at the same time, have excellent educational standards and invest a lot on their education systems. Argentina, for instance, spends up to 5.57% of its GDP in education, giving free college education to all its population. The University of Buenos Aires is ranked among the 100 best universities in the world.


If you had doubts about the benefits of nearshoring, I hope these ideas gave you a new perspective on this fascinating world. At Virtualmind we have been working side by side with several US companies for over 15 years, helping them achieve their goals, learning from them and bringing our expertise and talent to create the best possible technology solutions for them. 

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