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It’s all about timing!

MarCom Team
Posted by MarCom Team on Nov 14, 2022 3:36:46 PM

When I was a little kid on my way to school I always hated waiting for the green light. If I saw the light was about to turn red I would hurry up and try to reach the other end as fast as I could. But my mom would stop me and ask the following: Would you rather lose a few seconds of your life or your life in a second? And that lesson remains with me even now as I have been using it in several areas of my life, including corporate communications. What you say, how you portray it, when and where you display it and what you do not say has an effect. That’s why it is crucial to take communication seriously and have a joint plan with all of your teams. Because would you rather invest resources in having an effective communication plan or waste them trying to counteract the consequences of not having one?

Timing is everything when it comes to communications. And with the aim of always being ready to act if necessary, Virtualmind’s MarCom team created a special page inside our intranet dedicated exclusively to this matter. It works as a guide so we all know where our company stands in terms of communication and we can increase its effectiveness! Among many other things, the guide includes a brief yet specific explanation of the different channels we have. Clearly understanding which channels you use for each purpose can be your lifesaver. When talking about something more relaxed, like a birthday or anniversary, Slack would be a right fit. However, we wouldn’t use it to share an update on the holiday policy for instance… Here is a list of a few channels along with a brief explanation to make the most out of each one of them!


  • Intranet: Great to cluster your company’s most important documents so that anyone can access them at any time.
  • Instant Messaging: Use this channel to be as friendly as possible! Everyday news that doesn't require formalities, for example, birthday and anniversary messages.
  • Email: This one is for special announcements, such as small updates or to arrange rather important meetings. Even though you can be quite informal, it is usually required to be more formal when writing an email.
  • Meetings: Either online or in person, there are some things that are better said than written. Whenever you have an important announcement to make or you need to discuss something that requires feedback, it is better to do it face to face.

If you have your communication channels well-defined you will be more than ready to face any situation without hesitation! Remember, timing is everything, especially in this fast-paced environment.

By Sofía Perez Guntin - MarCom Responsible

Topics: Effective Communication

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