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LATAM: your nearshoring destination

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Apr 14, 2023 1:33:27 PM

Most companies want to be bigger, better, more successful, and achieve more and more milestones as days go by. However, getting there can be quite tricky and challenging. There are many ways of doing so, but which is the best? The secret is there is no right or wrong but a better or worse fit instead. In this article I want to introduce you to nearshoring and how working alongside a team from all over LATAM can help you reach your goals.

3 reasons why you should work with LATAM developers:


  • Language proficiency and cultural fit

To your surprise or not, the vast majority of software developers already speak English fluently making it easier to work with companies in the United States. Moreover, English language is required in most classrooms as a second language in Latin America.

In fact, according to the EPI - English Proficiency Index - 65% of the countries included from LATAM are ranked as very high proficiency or moderated proficiency.

In addition, people from Latin America have been exposed to the American lifestyle and culture their whole lives.


  • Top-tier experience

Nearshoring has become a well-known business model in Latin America, making it easier to find software developers who had already worked with clients abroad before, especially with projects in the United States. This being said, LATAM professionals are up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and assets to help you succeed at every stage of your project.


  • Aligned time zones

With almost no time difference between the United States and Latin America, it can be argued that the continent is an excellent destination for growing your team. Whereas ET is only one hour behind UTC-3, CT is just two hours behind, MT only 3 hours apart and PT, has the biggest difference being 4 hours behind. However, some places in Latin America (UTC-6) only have a 1 hour difference with PT, for instance.

It may sound as something minor but knowing for a fact that your team is working while you are working is a huge advantage. Especially in contrast with other common outsourcing destinations, which can have 12 hours of difference.


And, my favorite one as a bonus: it allows you to embrace diversity, which is in fact one of Virtualmind’s values. In words of Florencia Giovannelli from our People Care team: “We, Virtualminders, are a strong team made up of engineers from all over LATAM with a distinctive way of thinking that is powered and enriched by our differences. United, committed, focused, and caring… All from miles apart. Working in such a multicultural environment enables us to approach issues and tasks in different ways and strengthens us to be a better team.” (Keep reading). Learn more about #TheVirtualmindWay of doing things in this article.

To sum things up, working together with a team from Latin America is a great way of growing your business. But the question is: Are you ready for this step? If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me

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