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MarCom Team
Posted by MarCom Team on Nov 13, 2020 4:47:40 PM

"An employee who leaves due to financial reasons is likely to return for the company's culture, but if someone departs because of the company's culture, no amount of money will entice them to come back.”

Software companies are always keen on learning new methodologies, programming languages and technical tricks. However, do they truly understand the importance of keeping a healthy and strong company culture? It is a common mistake for companies to superficially emphasize organizational culture. But here is a little secret, what you say has to match what you do. Simply advertising a wonderful culture will not do. You must embody your values and culture in everything you do.

Culture affects every part of the organization chain. From the employees to the product and services the company provides. From the brand image to long-term sustainability. When hiring collaborators, you are looking for them to meet certain criteria. Well, sorry for breaking it to you but they are doing the exact same thing with you. 

Culture is always key but, more than ever, when a company works under the nearshoring model. When an organization is exposed to interaction with other mindsets and blended teams, culture becomes the number one element you have to take care of, for your projects to be successful and your company to thrive.

In order to create an organizational culture that is a hit, leaders must understand soft skills and aspects of brand building are as important as the hard ones. Above all, we are all human beings striving to channel our passions into creating something extraordinary and enjoying the process.

To help you maximize the benefits of organizational culture, we have created an e-book tailored specifically for professionals like you who seek valuable advice on maintaining a well-oriented and healthy company culture. Feel free to download the e-book at no cost using the button  provided below.


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