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Organizational culture: the key to a successful merger

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Jul 19, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes, not only from the administrative side, but also when it comes to company culture. Virtualmind has been recently acquired by Software Mind, a software development company based in Poland, so I can speak from our own experience. How did we manage to turn a big change, such an international acquisition, into a great opportunity for growth, and how did we know that we were making the right move? Our key was one: similar company cultures.


A match made in...the internet?

Regardless of the physical distance that separated us, we tried to look for a company that shared our values and business perspective. Software Mind is a much bigger company than ours, but with very similar ideas when it comes to the way they -now we- conduct business. 


Getting to know one another

The first and most important element for us had to do with the people. They wanted to know us, and we wanted to know them. Apart from the company leaders, we conducted interviews with several Virtualminders, aiming at discovering if all our people had the same perspective. Cultural fit means we will build our project together starting from the same values, not only in the big picture, but also during our daily work.


Realizing we made the right choice

Of course, at first, there were questions, doubts, and insecurities. But those soon disappeared when we realized that we even conducted our processes in the same way! Our recruiting, marketing, and management strategies were very similar from the beginning, even though Virtualmind was smaller in scale. This told us two things: 1. that we had been doing things right from the start, and 2. that this alliance had all the elements to work out more than right.


The future perspective

At this point, we are more than excited to find out what the future awaits us. We understand that we will encounter challenges along the way, but we are confident that, having started with the right foot, we will find the way to making both companies thrive, doing things as we always have, the Virtualmind way


Technology and software development are our passion, not only for the amazing products we can create, but also because it has given us a common language and culture that we can share with colleagues from the most distant locations. We believe that with Software Mind we have found one another and that we will certainly make the most of this new project together. We can’t wait!


If you want to know more about Software Mind and what they do, check out their blog!

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