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Earning the "Great Place to Work" Badge for the 4th Consecutive Year

For any company, creating a positive and conducive work environment is essential. It not only motivates everyone within...

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Project Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Project management is the backbone of many businesses and projects. It's the art and science of keeping tasks,...

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Effective Communication in Remote Teams: Collaboration Across Borders

As our world grows more interconnected, companies like Virtualmind are recognizing the value of virtual teams in...

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The Power of Being a Brand Within a Bigger Brand

You might be curious about the title of this article and why we thought it was important to dedicate an entire post to...

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Rethinking the word pause

Play and pause are probably the most commonly used buttons all over the globe. And although we practically beg to press...

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Process documentation: wise or outdated?

Technology has advanced incredibly over the last decades leading to major changes in the way we work. Who would have...

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Enhancing your workflow with the right project management tools

Running a thriving organization requires making precise decisions, executing under pressure, and mastering project...

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A glimpse into Virtualmind’s Q Meetings

It is said that times go faster when you are enjoying yourself. My time as Virtualmind’s CEO is empirical proof of...

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Lessons learned as Head of MarCom from the Fast-Paced World of F1

As the second Miami GP went by and left us with another Max Verstappen victory and a Red Bull 1-2, I thought about how...

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