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Successful partnerships: a story that writes itself

One of our communication pillars is honesty. So, I would like to start by confessing I was not exactly sure if this...

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2023 Talent Management trends to keep an eye on

Back in the day, 2023 seemed far away. But whether we like it or not, it is finally here and, unfortunately, there are...

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2023 resolution: become a game changer!

Why is it that January is always associated with new beginnings? It is a different year, that is true. However, what...

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Communication, actually, is all around

There are some songs that as soon as they start playing we all start singing along, even though I can’t be certain how....

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The value of EI in a fast paced technological environment

In a world that is surrounded by new inventions, developments, ideas and opportunities, there is one thing that can...

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The Nearshoring Experience

Nearshoring has become the model of choice for many IT companies. Why? It’s simple. It lets them grow while working...

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3 talent management facts to learn from the World Cup

This year’s World Cup raised excitement but lots of questions as well. And although there are several reasons why we...

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Cheesy quotes to identify if your culture is at risk

Organizational culture is key in every type of company. But, even more, when working under the nearshoring model since...

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Unfolding Argentina’s passion for football a week before the World Cup

An entire population that lives surrounded by rituals, traditions, and culture. A place where absolutely everyone has...

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It’s all about timing!

When I was a little kid on my way to school I always hated waiting for the green light. If I saw the light was about to...

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