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MarCom Team
Posted by MarCom Team on May 14, 2020 3:03:05 PM

There comes a time in the life of a company when it may be necessary to look for a software partner. However, how can you choose the right one? The market is full of options, not only locally, but all around the world. This may seem like a massive task and it can be quite puzzling at first, not knowing exactly where to look at.


Nevertheless, there are a number of items that can help you narrow down the options and end up with the right software partner. Some may seem obvious, but experience has proved that what is crystal clear for some, may not be the same for others.


When looking at prospective partners, you should ask yourself the question: will I be able to work comfortably with this company? Can I be sure that the only problems we will have to deal with are those inherent to the project itself, and not to miscommunications and cultural differences?


One of the things we recommend considering is the language. Do you share a common language? Does the software partner have a good level of English? one way to find out is to look at the English proficiency rankings of the different countries. Some other rather important things to take into consideration are the culture, the time zone (workday overlap makes everything so much easier), the methodology of the company, and the seniority of the developers. Some extra knowledge can also be gained by looking at the “unicorn index”, i.e., the number of startups that a country has successfully launched. This may tell us a lot about its software companies quality and capability.


The following e-book was designed to help you have a “before takeoff list” that you can use to choose the best partner for your specific needs. You can download it for free below.

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