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Software Vendor or Partner: How to identify the right fit for you.

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Jul 28, 2021 11:09:16 AM

Innovative software products are one of the keys to maintain and enhance a company’s competitive edge. But for most companies, understanding what type of relationships they need to develop with their software providers is not always easy. This article aims to answer two of the most common questions that companies have regarding this issue - What is the difference between a software vendor and a software partner, and how do we know which of them better suits our needs?


Software Vendors: Non-Core Software Providers

In a word, your relationship with a software vendor can be defined as transactional. Usually, vendors will provide you with software that is not part of your core business, and that is pretty straightforward to set up. This means working with them won't really require much interaction. At the same time, if you run into an inconvenience or the software somehow fails, you probably won’t be able to turn to your provider for help. But since you have hired their services for a non-substantial software tool, this shouldn’t disrupt your business in a significant way.

Nevertheless, you will find that there are more than a few occasions in which the services of a software vendor cannot meet your software requirements. With the growing importance of digital products and services in our economy, your company is very likely to demand much more complex software solutions.


Software Partners: Providing your Mission-Critical Software

When it comes to mission-critical software, reaching out to a software vendor will not be enough. To remain competitive in a digital economy, like the one we live in today, it has become crucial for most companies to develop long-term, mutually enriching, and productive relationships with software partners that can provide them with core software solutions. Rather than just offering your company a certain software tool, a partner will add value by providing you with the talent necessary to develop the software that your company needs to achieve its goals. Below, we have outlined the key features where a software partnership can make a huge difference for your company.


1. Shared goals and vision

Consider this: if there is software on which your company relies to function appropriately, then you will not want to depend on the services of a provider with which you have a merely transactional relationship. On the contrary, you will expect your provider to have a clear and deep knowledge of your fundamental values and goals. And this is where a software partner fits in.

A strong relationship with your software partner will allow you to meet your software priorities efficiently. And, in order to develop a lasting bond, your partner should be as committed and enthusiastic about your relationship as you are. Remember it is not just about setting up new tools - it’s about gaining access to those skills that are needed to develop the solutions that are strategic for your business. The best thing about building this type of relationship is that you will work alongside as one single collaborative team from the very first day.


2. Success-driven Mentality

One of the main advantages of working together with a partner is that not only will they meet your expectations regarding the solution but also, and most importantly, you’ll have the certainty that you have a partner that cares about your success as much as you do. 

Moreover, you will build a trustworthy relationship with each other, which is vital, especially when there is an unexpected matter to solve. When looking to succeed, companionship and teamwork are two aspects that must be present…

Partnering with us, for instance, you will find a combination of engineering, innovation, efficiency, and flexibility summed up in a team who is always ready to ramp up any project! We are committed to working by our client’s side, listening to their necessities, and being there for them all the time.


3. Cutting-edge software

Unlike a software vendor, a committed software partner will stick around with you for a long time. And since catching up with software solutions demands constant innovation and updating, there will be opportunities in which both of you will go through different innovation challenges together. So when choosing a partner, you should aim for a proven record of working in cutting-edge software development. This way, you will make sure that, as time goes by, your partner will always rise to the challenge in terms of being up-to-date with the latest trends in software solutions. We, at Virtualmind, are always aspiring to be one step ahead. We believe in constant training and encourage Virtualminders to never stop learning, as we consider that to be key in a successful project and therefore, partnership.


Make sure your software provider is the right fit for you

Finding the software provider that is the perfect match for your company is as essential as it is challenging. The wide range of possibilities can sometimes be overwhelming. But the truth is choosing a software provider should not be a burden. When you have a clear understanding of your goals and are certain of the attributes your provider must have, you can be pretty confident that you will make the decision that will help your company grow and thrive.

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