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Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Aug 20, 2020 3:51:39 PM

During our entire life, we look for the perfect complement, partner that allows us to feel comfortable and safe. We look for a person we can rely on and learn from along the way. It is certainly not easy to find the perfect mate. In fact, we make a lot of mistakes when it comes to making the right choice. We prioritize our feelings and we allow ourselves to take the risk of a broken heart at the end.

When it comes to business, most of our decisions are based on a goal that requires a series of steps to be fulfilled. We can see the end of the road but not the way to get there. We let the excitement overwhelm us, which can lead us to a sad end quicker than we initially thought. It is a rough path, but everything can be more pleasant given that we find the correct partner.

Why should you choose a software partner and not a software vendor?

Nowadays there are many companies that specialize in making small businesses grow or offering assessment when it comes to staff augmentation or software development. On one hand, a software partner provides the best options for your company by accompanying their customers throughout the whole process, the success of this alliance comes with knowledgeable and capable partners, not a person that always gives you the right only because you are the client. They will not feel accomplished until you, as a customer, feel satisfied with the final product.

On the other hand, a vendor just sells a product, a simple transaction, without offering any support. Having access to the tools vs. actually knowing how to use them makes the difference.

Maybe you want an end to end team covering backend developers, frontend developers, UX designers, devops and QAs. Or maybe you just need a backend team. Some companies only cover development, leaving the business side to the client. If you’re looking to have a team to cover everything you need from an IT point of view, you’ve already set a defining factor in your search for a partner. But how to know where to start?

According to studies, relationships developed with co-workers and business partners allow employees to grow or fail. You can find the correct software developer in any part of the world, but how to know which one is the ideal to fulfill your needs?

In order to get a specific service you need to be specific in your research, so make a list about the things you need to be done in your company and the things you want to improve. This will help you define your goals.

Which company should you choose?

Searching on the web can be an easy way to find a partner, but there are so many options and maybe you will not feel comfortable with the first one, so make a list of the ones you might choose and always look for references, clients are the best way to get recommendations, they’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. According to this you can reduce your list of possible partners.

I strongly recommend to consider cultural compatibility and communication skills. Remember that you need someone to guide you and help you grow, someone that you can trust based on its experience and knowledge, if this partner is always giving you the right and never adding something new, then you are just a client and not a partner.

Always consider the cost and the future of the relationship. Outsourcing companies are great options when it comes to lower costs and good service, look for qualified software developers and bilingual staff, besides timezone, as an important factor when you have a question and need a quick answer.

Finally, before taking an ultimate decision interview all possible partners, don't rush it; once you feel satisfied with your choice then make a second meeting with the company you choose to arrange the details.

In summary finding the right software partner won't be easy but it will help you to expand your company and be there for you through the process, once you decide to start this ride everything will fit like a puzzle.

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