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Cultural Sensitivity and Communication: Bridging Worlds with Words

In our wonderfully connected world, it's like a daily adventure meeting folks from all over the globe, be it at work or...

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Effective Communication in Remote Teams: Collaboration Across Borders

As our world grows more interconnected, companies like Virtualmind are recognizing the value of virtual teams in...

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Lessons learned as Head of MarCom from the Fast-Paced World of F1

As the second Miami GP went by and left us with another Max Verstappen victory and a Red Bull 1-2, I thought about how...

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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston meet brand identity

“Jennifer Aniston, in a Sheer Mini Dress, Calls Out Adam Sandler for Wearing Sweatshirt to Their Premiere” reads one of...

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Communication in times of algorithms

Living in the ‘googling era’ myself, I decided the best way to start this article was by googling social media. The...

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Successful partnerships: a story that writes itself

One of our communication pillars is honesty. So, I would like to start by confessing I was not exactly sure if this...

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Communication, actually, is all around

There are some songs that as soon as they start playing we all start singing along, even though I can’t be certain how....

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It’s all about timing!

When I was a little kid on my way to school I always hated waiting for the green light. If I saw the light was about to...

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3 tips to communicate as a pro!

Communication is everywhere. It involves each and every one of us, no matter what we studied, what we do, or what...

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Communication barriers: How to effectively get your message through

The art of communicating correctly is a subtle one. Just one word in the wrong place can ruin your message. There is an...

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