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Embracing Change: Virtualmind Evolves into Software Mind

In the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation, companies often find themselves on transformative journeys,...

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Harmonizing Organizational Cultures: Cultivating Unity Amid Mergers

Embarking on the intricate journey of mergers and acquisitions is a bit like orchestrating a delicate choreography....

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International Onboarding: Embracing Teammates from Across the Globe

In today's world, where everyone's just a click away, those old boundaries between cultures and places seem almost like...

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The 4th-Time Charm: Achieving Our GPTW Certification and What is Next

When a company receives a recognition once, it's an achievement. Twice, it’s a confirmation. Thrice, it's a tradition....

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Teambuilding in Remote Teams: Creating Unity from Afar

In today's world, working in pajamas has shifted from being a rare treat to our everyday reality. But let's face it,...

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Earning the "Great Place to Work" Badge for the 4th Consecutive Year

For any company, creating a positive and conducive work environment is essential. It not only motivates everyone within...

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The Power of Being a Brand Within a Bigger Brand

You might be curious about the title of this article and why we thought it was important to dedicate an entire post to...

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Rethinking the word pause

Play and pause are probably the most commonly used buttons all over the globe. And although we practically beg to press...

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A glimpse into Virtualmind’s Q Meetings

It is said that times go faster when you are enjoying yourself. My time as Virtualmind’s CEO is empirical proof of...

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Embracing diversity: the secret behind Virtualminders

What comes to your mind when you picture a team of software engineers? Is it a group of people working together in an...

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