The art of communicating

We communicate all the time: either verbally or nonverbally, we are always sharing information and communicating....

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Organizational Culture and the Pandemic

This past year has been tremendously challenging for all organizations. However, some have responded great and...

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Why organizational culture is not static (and it shouldn't be, either)

Organizational culture is formed by so many elements that it makes it rather difficult to circumscribe it to a...

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What is the McKinsey 7-S model and how it can help your organization

The now-widely-known 7S model was created back in the 1970s by a pair of intellectual consultants working in...

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How a positive company culture can be the key to success

Some time ago, when people talked about “company culture”, the first thing that came to mind was a fancy games room,...

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A year of victories in the midst of a world crisis

  • In spite of all the challenges this year has posed, Virtualmind has managed to achieve several victories and...

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Virtualmind is now a certified Great Place to Work®

  • With more than 15 years in the market, the company is now recognized among the best places to work in Argentina.
  • ...

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Organizational Culture

Software companies are always keen on learning new methodologies, computer languages and technical tricks. But are...

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