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Project Management: The pizza analogy

“Am I just hungry or is Project management kind of like pizza making?” This question popped into my mind while I was...

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The value of EI in a fast paced technological environment

In a world that is surrounded by new inventions, developments, ideas and opportunities, there is one thing that can...

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Managing teams successfully during a project

Software development is a lot about codes, programming, and abstract concepts, but it also requires the work of a ...

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Project management and scheduling techniques: an inseparable duo

In projects, time is one of the key elements that has to be considered. Every project has deadlines to be met and goals...

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Project management tips for non-managers

Maybe you are not a project manager at work, but, have you ever organized a birthday party? or raised funds for a...

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Psychology and project management: a close relationship

Project managers are the keystone of software development companies. They are the ones in charge of leading teams and...

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The Project Management time traveling

If you could jump on the DeLorean and go back to your first years as project manager, what would you do differently? I...

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Managers of a new era

The pandemic has changed many things. One of the greatest shifts was moving almost completely from in-house work to...

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5 Fundamental Skills to Succeed as a Project Manager

Excelling at project management requires a complex set of hard and soft skills. And although some of these abilities...

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Emotional intelligence and success

In recent years, businesses have come to realize that “being smart”, or having a high IQ does not seem to be enough to...

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