Millennials at the workplace: a challenge worth accepting

Millennials have been entering the workforce for years now, constituting a high percentage of the work population....

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What is high-potential, and how do you identify it?

We hear it everywhere: how to foster talent, how to identify your high-potential employees, and more. But have you...

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Remote work and productivity: thriving in changing times

From the moment many companies had to take the leap and move to remote work almost completely, one of the big...

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Why Advice has a better impact on performance than Feedback

Traditionally, it has been assumed that feedback plays a major role in professional and personal growth. By allowing...

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Talent… What a word, right? Candidates or talents, as we’d rather call them, are key to our company’s success. Why?...

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The Messi case: how to retain your best talents

All the media in the last few days have been talking about how Lionel Messi’s contract with FC Barcelona came to an...

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