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The 4th-Time Charm: Achieving Our GPTW Certification and What is Next

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Sep 15, 2023 11:30:00 AM

When a company receives a recognition once, it's an achievement. Twice, it’s a confirmation. Thrice, it's a tradition. But the fourth time? That's a testament to a company's unwavering commitment to its people. We are proud to announce that we have received the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification for the 4th consecutive year, a feat that few can boast.


The Journey to the Fourth GPTW Certification

Every time we embarked on the journey for the certification, it felt like opening the doors to our house for a big, grand party. We put everything on display, our highs and our missteps, our victories and our learnings. We knew we were placing our organizational culture under the spotlight. It required moments of introspection, long evenings of feedback, and the relentless spirit of our team. But hey, we've already spilled the beans on that entire journey in a previous post. If you've missed that or are just curious about our behind-the-scenes, check out this post.


So, What Comes After the Fourth Certification?

As we pause to celebrate, we recognize that this isn't the finish line but a significant marker on our continuous path. While reports have been crafted, feedback dissected, and suggestions considered, the road ahead promises more. Here's a glimpse into our next steps:


  • Deepening our Commitment: We will continue to enhance our workplace strategies, ensuring we remain a beacon for talent and an example for others in our industry.
  • Broadening Our Horizons: We're peeking over the fence, checking out what our global neighbors are up to, and determining if we can borrow some of their cool ideas to blend into our family recipe.
  • Engaging with Our Team: Getting to this point? It was a full-on team huddle. Every voice mattered. And hey, we're not about to stop chatting now! We're thinking of more chit-chats, question corners, and even those 'Hey, how's it going?' check-ins to keep the family vibe strong. Our People Care squad (they're rockstars, by the way) is always there, having those heart-to-heart 1:1s and hosting virtual coffee breaks, and the Operations team diligently supports our day-to-day activities, serving as the vital link between our clients and our teams. But shoutout to our MarCom crew too! They're the ones who throw those virtual company-wide meetings, spread the latest buzz, and make sure everyone's in the loop. After all, this isn't just a workplace; it's our second home.
  • Giving Back: With our growing reputation as a top employer, we aim to share our insights, experiences, and best practices with the broader business community. By doing so, we hope to inspire other organizations to prioritize workplace excellence.
  • Continuous Improvement: Complacency is not in our vocabulary. We'll keep innovating our policies, practices, benefits, and culture to ensure we’re always on the path of growth and excellence.


And that's just a sneak peek! The months following a Great Place to Work certification are buzzing for our Core teams. It's their time to dive deep, strategize, and spring into action. After all, the journey toward the next certification starts right now!


A Heartfelt Thank You

To every team member, partner, and stakeholder who has been part of this journey, your belief in our vision and commitment to our shared values have made this achievement possible. As we celebrate our fourth GPTW certification, we look forward to forging an even brighter future together.


Here's to more milestones, more celebrations, and most importantly, to our people – the heart and soul of our Great Place to Work.

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