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The Nearshoring Experience

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Dec 19, 2022 11:31:59 AM

Nearshoring has become the model of choice for many IT companies. Why? It’s simple. It lets them grow while working alongside a trusted partner building an outstanding team of engineers.

To guarantee an effective and successful nearshoring experience, you must target a long-lasting relationship with your partner based on trust, transparency and commitment. Opposite to hiring an external provider to build a solution, nearshoring is all about building a joint team with an aligned company.



Submerging in the nearshoring experience is nothing to fear. In fact, it will let you sense growth levels you never even dream of. However, choosing the right partner will have a direct impact on the result:


Make sure you choose the perfect partner

As in any relationship, you have to ‘go on first dates’ with your partner-to-be as well. Imagine moving in with someone you barely know. Nothing guarantees you won’t be on the same page on several occasions and the relationship is keen to fail sooner than expected. For this reason it is important for you to have meetings with your potential partner, to ask as many questions as you want and get to know them. Of course the technical part is important and you need to find out if they can meet your requirements in terms of software development; but the soft skills also play a key role. You can work with the best engineers of all times in terms of efficiency, quality and achievement of goals. However, if you do not share the same vision, culture and values, your partnership is doomed to end.

In addition, there are more key aspects to consider when choosing to work under the nearshoring model: cultural proximity, workday overlap, professional skills and English proficiency being three of them. In this sense, Latin America combines all of these, which makes it the best place to find a nearshoring partner. You can get a deeper analysis of this in one of my previous articles for the Virtualmind blog.

Back to this case, my advice is for you to think of nearshoring as an experience. And when deciding who your ideal partner is, try to picture it as two people about to move in together. Do you trust they have a shared vision of life? Do you think they will last and work their way through challenges and inconveniences? If you do, then search no more, you found your perfect match.


In conclusion, working under the nearshoring model can and will help your company grow and go far and beyond. This is, if you know how to choose the right partner to dive into this experience. Always remember, this is about building a team and working together towards the same goals. If you want to know more about this or how Virtualmind can help you take your business to the next level, sent me an email to 

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