The new challenges of attracting the best IT talents

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Dec 14, 2021 11:27:48 AM

By the year 2026, the shortage of engineers in the US will exceed 1.2M, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is an alarming number showing that IT companies must have a clear plan when it comes to their hiring strategy so that they are able to attract the best candidates. Here are a few challenges companies must face when looking for the best additions to their teams.


- More demand than supply
The demand for software developers is constantly growing, but the supply does not grow at the same rate. Therefore, the best candidates have several options to choose based on what best appeals to them. Companies need to do their best marketing in order to appeal to the right candidates, and this not only means offering good salaries, but also a wide range of benefits, such as perks and flexibility. People will research you as a brand before they decide whether they want to work with you, so keeping an attractive company brand is key.

- Tight recruiting time frames
We live in a fast world. Candidates expect hiring processes to be fast and coherent, or else they will move to the next company trying to attract them. Studies show that developers are ready to move to a different job search if the recruiting process they are in is taking “too long”, so it is necessary to set a hiring process deadline before you start with the search, and try to stick to it.

In this scenario, it is worth considering new options to make sure you get the best talents, and nearshoring can be one of them. Nearshoring companies are located in your same time zone and are the ones in charge of finding the best talents in their area and training them to join your teams remotely, fulfilling whatever skill needs you may have.

At Virtualmind we have been offering nearshoring services for over 15 years, gaining experience and perfecting the best ways of working side by side with our clients. We don’t just offer IT services: we join your company, actively participating in your daily work, together with your permanent staff. This system has been extremely successful and the results speak for themselves: in 2021, 7 new companies joined our client portfolio, ready to take their business to the next level. Will you join them too? Contact us!

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