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The perks of being resilient

Fernando Judzon
Posted by Fernando Judzon on Sep 12, 2022 12:27:35 PM

Organizational culture can change and, in fact, change is always present when discussing this topic. But you probably already know this; that is, if you are a true reader of Virtualmind’s blog. Organizational culture can be defined as the result of all the actions, values, beliefs and expectations of all the members of a company. Consequently, a change in any of these can transform it. In a dynamic context, like the one we are experiencing, it is of extreme importance to build a team that easily adapts to a changing environment.

The ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change, formally known as resiliency, is a concept that little by little gained popularity in both the working world and everyday life. It is not surprising that companies tend to hire resilient candidates. But another thing that does not surprise us is the fact that talents also consider resiliency as an important quality for the company they want to work with.

For a company like Virtualmind, that specializes in Staff Augmentation and Nearshoring, this asset is key as we work with different projects. And for us to succeed at what we do it is of extreme importance for our collaborators to adapt and live by both: Virtualmind’s beliefs and the ones from the project they are working with as well. This can be evidenced in what one of our partners wrote in Clutch: “I was impressed by the quality of the candidates that they were able to provide for our company. They quickly assimilated into our environment and culture and were quite active during sprint demos and meetings''.

Moreover, partnerships with bigger companies from the same industry, with the aim of reaching higher milestones and new horizons, are becoming more frequent. In fact, if we carry on using Virtualmind as an example, we have just become part of the Software Mind Group. And while considering an alliance like this one, we put values and culture as a top priority. When combining forces with another group, this is key as it acts as a guarantee that both parties have shared goals and ways of working together. Imagine becoming part of a group that has an ideology that is completely opposite to yours. You would not be able to work properly, or let alone ask your collaborators to adapt. Of course, these kinds of collaborations are all about learning from each other and finding new and better ways to achieve things. However, it is always important to highlight that for a company to succeed and grow it is important that everyone is on the same page.

If there is something certain in life, it is that change is always going to be around. That is why, nowadays, it is crucial for both a company and a candidate to own adaptability capabilities. And this includes the willingness not to give in to adversity and a strong mindset to know how to act efficiently when changes attack.

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