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The value of EI in a fast paced technological environment

Juan Manuel Baiutti
Posted by Juan Manuel Baiutti on Jan 2, 2023 5:42:47 PM

In a world that is surrounded by new inventions, developments, ideas and opportunities, there is one thing that can still be something distinctive for human beings: our emotional intelligence (EI). However, knowing how to read and manage emotions properly is a quality not everyone has. And this is why emotional intelligence became one particular requirement in project managers.  

According to the Project Management Institute, “project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people”. But, what role does EI play in project management? “Research shows that teams that attain and sustain high performance have a high EQ. According to current studies, EQ is now considered to be twice as important as IQ, technical experience and education for success. When you have a good EQ you can use your IQ to make rational choices” (According to the Collins Dictionary, the emotional quotient - EQ - represents a measure for a person’s interpersonal and communication skills). And whereas a wide range of tools and software exist nowadays to make it simpler and more efficient, the human factor is still a must. These tools can provide you with the information necessary to plan your work; but the emotional intelligence of the person in charge of managing a project determines how it is operated and consequently, has a direct impact on its outcome.

Your work environment is a complex network of different people, ages, ideas, and even ways of working. For this reason, it is important to count on an outstanding leader that knows how to keep everyone encouraged and get things done. Especially as we live in times of volatility and uncertainty, where change is the only guaranteed thing. You can learn more about how EQ is linked to success by reading this article, written by one of my colleagues.

Working with a project manager with a high EQ brings many benefits since they make use of their emotions to guide their thoughts, they know the right way to lead others, they cannot conceive barriers when it comes to working with others, they quickly know how to make the best out of change and, last but not least, they assist your team to achieve success.

To sum things up, different technologies and solutions for project management are going to come and go, but a professional that knows how to use their emotions in their favor is a keeper. And you should do your best to make them want to stay in your team!

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