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The Virtualmind Way is all about…

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Feb 14, 2023 1:17:01 PM

Virtualmind was founded over 17 years ago with one aim in mind: to revolutionize the software development industry. And right from the start we have been driven by our willingness to never stop growing!


Luckily, our company was almost completely used to working remotely so when covid struck in 2020 it did not catch us by surprise and we managed to adapt pretty easily and smoothly. However, we did experience some changes. We grew like never before, from around 50 Virtualminders in Buenos Aires, we turned into over 150 collaborators all over LATAM. And since then we have never stopped getting bigger and bigger. In fact, last year we began forming part of the Software Mind group, a Polish software house providing modern IT products and services for telecommunications, finance, banking, and energy companies. This being said, we felt the need to freshen up and adapt to this new Virtualmind. Consequently, last year we decided to update our values. 


I wanted to share with you a glimpse of all the hard work we have been doing so you get to know Virtualmind a bit better:


#TheVirtualmindWay is all about…


Taking ownership

  • Our passion, responsibility, commitment, and eagerness to mark a difference lead us.
  • We achieve our goals by making every action our own and becoming one as a team.
  • Delivering the very best of ourselves is the only option we conceive.



  • Much more than colleagues, every member of the Virtualmind family belongs since day one.
  • Our warmth and connection can’t be denied, we always have each other’s back.
  • Well-being is key, we put all our effort into creating a respectful, welcoming, and trustworthy work environment.


Embracing diversity

  • Our distinctive way of thinking is powered and enriched by our differences.
  • In our multicultural environment lies our strength.
  • We are enabled by our respect and appreciation for each culture.


Trusting each other

  • Encouraged by ourselves, fueled by trust.
  • Being surrounded by committed, top-notch professionals is what strengthens our confidence as a team.
  • We promote a layer of comfort and assurance for every member of the Virtualmind family.



  • Feeling excited when facing new challenges is in our DNA.
  • We are disruptive, we aim higher, and we never stop training and growing.
  • Openness and adaptability are our secrets to creating new opportunities.


And, of course, #CodingSuccessTogether! 

Updating and adapting our values was a huge challenge indeed but the outcome makes us extremely proud as we can state our values apply to every single inch of Virtualmind. We believe these values apply perfectly not only to our Virtualminders but also to our partners and our way of doing things. And, at the end, that is #TheVirtualmindWay!

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