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TikTok trend becomes companies’ worst nightmare?

Fernando Judzon
Posted by Fernando Judzon on Nov 10, 2022 5:54:01 PM

Every company’s dream would be to achieve success as fast as TikTok trends arise. But, what would their nightmare look like? Recently, a new term was born in social media that left even the leading businesses breathless. It is known as ‘Quiet Quitting’ and it refers to professionals losing motivation on their day-to-day tasks. It occurs when giving one’s best ceases to be an option and people just do the necessary amount instead. It could be argued that this is even more alarming than actually quitting as it puts results in jeopardy.


It is always easy to identify an idea’s flaws, right? However, it is important not to follow the easy path and analyze the real cause of this tendency. Many questions came to light once this trend started gaining momentum: What are companies doing to keep their collaborators engaged? Do workers feel valued by their peers and leaders? What sort of encouragement do they receive for going the extra mile? Are their professional and personal life well-balanced? And the questions could go on and on…


This made us wonder if we are doing things correctly and in which areas we could improve. And after an extensive review, I asked our People Care team to share 3 ways of encouraging and keeping talents motivated:


  • Create a space where people can feel like themselves

Somewhere people can relax, feel at ease, and share a laugh with coworkers in between working hours. For instance, Virtualmind’s coffee talks bring water cooler conversations back to life, even in a remote environment, by giving people the chance to get to know one another in a space created by the company itself. Team Building activities or Slack channels per interests would be other examples… Do you have movie buffs within your collaborators? Or some green fingers willing to share insights around? Creating a specific channel for them can be the perfect way of getting them to know each other (and building an awesome team at the same time)!

  • Actively listen to what everyone has to say

The best way of identifying a potential issue is not by asking someone what is wrong but by active listening all the time instead. A person is most likely to share their most honest concerns when they don’t feel like they are expected to talk. That’s why in Virtualmind we encourage team members to have deeper conversations besides discussing their day-to-day tasks. This does not mean formal communication spaces should not exist. We do have a system of internal feedback both through a form and 1 on 1 meetings that contribute to this matter as well.

  • Promote and prioritize enjoyment 

This way, great results will come on their own. Well-being in and off the workplace is a must. Complementing work-related activities with extra events that are not directly connected to your daily tasks has proven to be beneficial for a company’s outcomes. For instance, we organize special events for Programmers’ Day, or even in our Q meetings we make sure there’s something beyond our business goals, like an icebreaking activity. In addition, since we are a multicultural workplace, Virtualminders constantly share facts about each country and a little trivia or some kind of challenge to keep everyone connected.


To sum things up, there is a wide range of ways to avoid silent quitting in a way that everyone gets a benefit. And is not that what it is all about? Both companies and collaborators enjoying what they do and understanding well-being always comes first! Building a successful team that achieves incredible results goes far beyond numbers and quantifiable indexes.

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