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Unfolding Argentina’s passion for football a week before the World Cup

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Nov 16, 2022 3:05:14 PM

An entire population that lives surrounded by rituals, traditions, and culture. A place where absolutely everyone has an opinion and everything is a matter of debate: do you drink mate with or without sugar? Asado or milanesa? Messi or Maradona? And so we could go on forever… Argentina is a country that may be divided in many aspects yet undoubtedly acts as a whole when it comes to one single thing: the World Cup. And there is a reason why the national team - “la selección” - is doomed to succeed even when they lose: they can feel the passion of an entire population rooting for them, and yelling their names at the top of their lungs. Have you ever wondered where your company would be if your collaborators felt as encouraged?


This article aims to highlight the importance of believing in one another and having your team’s support when trying to achieve the greatest outcomes. A team that is constantly encouraged, and works knowing their mates have their backs is a successful team, no matter what. 


  • Build your team as if the world cup was at stake

Set a goal, thoroughly analyze your options, and recruit only candidates who are the best fit for your company. If necessary, while doing so imagine your country’s supporters judging every single decision you make…

Virtualmind’s recruiting process thinks of attitude, values, and cultural fit as three key characteristics in a candidate. We are committed to creating a family of Virtualminders and we believe that the best way of doing so is by hiring candidates recommended by their colleagues and getting to know them in a friendly interview rather than a formal one.


  • Manage your team as if it was Messi’s last match

Not because he is the best player in the world. But much rather since we believe everyone in a team is as important as the person on their side and being part of a great team includes building a legacy. A set of best practices, rituals and a way of living that will stay in your team for generations to come. Exactly as #TheVirtualmindWay, that sums up Virtualminders way of working almost perfectly.


  • Lead your team as if an entire country’s mood depends on it

Passion is all around us. But it is on us to find it and make the most of it whenever we can. Encouraging your team to complete their daily tasks as part of something greater is the most outstanding method for leading any group of people. Argentina’s players play with confidence because they know a whole country depends on them. An entire nation’s happiness is on them and they are well aware that they would always have their backs.


We founded Virtualmind under one condition: to honor and live by our Latin origins. Virtualmind was born in Argentina but it is made day by day in Latin America. And we make sure our values reach every project we work with in North America. We carry our origins with us all the time and this article acts as living proof our passion runs in our veins. Just when you thought there was no way we could associate football with staff augmentation, here I am writing this article as an excuse to show my argentinian pride and share a few tips on managing teams.

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