Virtualmind is now a certified Great Place to Work®

MarCom Team
Posted by MarCom Team on Nov 17, 2020 12:25:41 PM
  • With more than 15 years in the market, the company is now recognized among the best places to work in Argentina.
  • This certification is awarded by the Great Place to Work® international organization and it measures the employees’ satisfaction and the quality of the company culture.
  • Receiving the certification reflects the commitment of the company to its people.

Virtualmind®, an Argentina based company with more than 15 years in the market has now received the Great Place to Work® certification. Working in the staff augmentation field, it has participated in more than 180 successful projects, both in the local and international markets. Currently, it works hand in hand with several North American clients, providing highly trained developers that join their teams to bring in their expertise and creativity.


The Great Place to Work® certification means that a company is recognized by its employees as a place with an excellent company culture and work environment. When a company applies for the certification, a survey is carried out among its employees who, anonymously, vote and rate the company in a number of areas. Achieving the certification means that the results were highly positive among the staff. The GPTW is an independent international firm that provides people analytics and helps organizations reach better business results, focusing on every employee’s working experience.


Choosing a company that is certified as a Great Place to Work® can be an excellent option when you are looking for a software partner. Of course, looking at the results and the previous projects of the firm is key, but knowing that its employees are happy and satisfied may mean that you have people working on your team who can focus entirely on the job, rather than complain or worry about their working conditions. And, as we all know, a happy worker can be much more productive and creative. At the same time, companies with satisfied employees also perform better financially, meaning they are more stable and trustworthy.


With this certification, Virtualmind® takes one more step in the path of excellency, showing its commitment both to its clients and to its employees, continuing a trend that started 15 years ago and still goes on today -the company already has the ISO 9001:2015 certification, as another proof of its high standards. The Great Place to Work® certification will definitely be a landmark in the company’s trajectory and evolution, with the prospect of many other victories yet to come.


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