Virtualmind receives Great Place to Work® certification once again.

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Sep 21, 2021 9:43:38 AM

During 2020, at Virtualmind, we applied for a Great Place to Work® certification and were recognized for creating a satisfying and engaging work environment and for our company culture’s quality. We achieved the certificate through a climate survey called Trust Index® that was developed by the international organization Great Place to Work®. This survey asks employees to rate their employers anonymously in a vast number of areas, thus helping companies worldwide identify their strengths and weaknesses and create better conditions for their team members.

Now, in 2021, after a year of significant growth in which we have been part of several new projects and clients, and several new collaborators have joined our team, we have achieved a Great Place to Work® certification once again. And we cannot stress enough how proud, inspired, and confident this achievement makes us feel. Excellent rates given by our employees have shown us that they feel welcomed and comfortable with our company right from the very start of their journey with us.

What makes us “great” (according to our very own Virtualminders)

After receiving our Great Place to Work® certification for the second time, some of our collaborators were kind enough to elaborate on why they believe Virtualmind deserves to be called “great”. One of the things that we have been delighted to find out is that our focus on providing them with a work environment in which they can feel valued for their skills and hard work has certainly paid off.

“Virtualmind is a place where you matter”, explained Gabriel, one of our developers from the Dominican Republic. “Virtualmind cares about collaborators and tries to provide us a friendly place to work, where we feel comfortable with the project we are collaborating on and keeps a good relationship with the team.” Moreover, our efforts to help our team members create meaningful bonds with their peers have contributed to developing a sense of family that we believe is very important for a company to thrive. “It's easy to hire people but to keep them as a family is the hard part, and I think that makes Virtualmind great.” On behalf of the Argentinian developer Mariela, she has pointed out that Virtualmind “has a culture of teamwork, where everybody is willing to help each other”, and that it “gives opportunities of growth to its employees” by offering them training and exposing them to technological challenges. 

Another aspect in which positive employee feedback has been consistent, and we take special pride in, is communication. While Mariela mentioned that Virtualmind “has transparency in communication and the processes of the company”, our Brazilian engineer Itagyba told us he valued our team’s openness to new ideas, and the fact that Virtualmind “trusts your professionalism and uses little paperwork and no micro-management.”  

With Silicon Valley as an inescapable reference point for tech companies worldwide, it is not uncommon that companies in our field tend to link employee satisfaction with extraordinary benefits that only the biggest companies can offer. But our experience has shown us that this is not entirely accurate. The most important thing is to make sure that the benefits of working for your company positively impact your employees’ lives -and their families- and that they are distributed equitably among all members. Also, leadership behaviors can affect the way benefits are perceived. By showing genuine interest in employees' well-being and an empathetic approach to personal relationships, leaders can deliver a feeling of support that increases employee engagement and productivity.  
Why is being a Great Place to Work® so important to us?

Being certified as a Great Place to Work® means a lot to us. It is not only gratifying to learn that our collaborators continue to recognize our effort to provide a friendly and challenging work environment for them, but it is also incredibly encouraging as we move forward. At Virtualmind we are 100 % focused on listening to every voice and identifying areas of improvement, and the survey grants us this possibility as well. This recognition has reassured us that our team is satisfied and motivated and will support us through the new challenges and projects coming ahead. 

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