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What cannot be overlooked when choosing a Software Partner in 2022

Javier Minsky
Posted by Javier Minsky on Sep 14, 2022 1:12:31 PM

After Covid-19 stroke in 2020 there are several things that used to be a bonus for businesses yet now are a necessary condition for success. Digital transformation acts as a precise example. Two years ago, companies that had technology at its core owned a clear advantage when compared to competitors that did not. Some businesses, for instance, remained local whereas others began to break the physical barriers in an early stage.

Given that Virtualmind specializes in Staff Augmentation and Nearshoring, understanding that, thanks to having a top-notch technology approach, geographical conditions were no longer a limit and gave us the opportunity to stand out. From the very start we have been creating an outstanding team with Software Engineers from all over Latin America to help boost our North American partners’ projects. However, as argued in the first paragraph, what used to be innovative and disruptive is now a common factor. Consequently, what are the factors you cannot ignore when aiming to choose the perfect software partner in 2022? The right partner will:

Always have an eye open
Living in a fast paced environment, full of changes and transformations, whoever is not constantly nurturing themselves with the latest trends and news is condemned to fail. Especially as in the blink of an eye a chance can present itself and if you do not catch it at the right moment someone else will and that is it, you are over. It may seem drastic but unfortunately that is the case. And for this reason, working with a partner that has a team with a can-do and will-do attitude, an innovative and disruptive approach, and passion for first-class technology is key to succeed.

Turn digital transformation into opportunities and outcomes
It is crucial for a Software Partner not only to be well informed and updated on digital transformation but also to be willing to identify opportunities and turn them into proper outcomes. Why would someone care about new trends if they are not eager to turn them into something tangible that can provide lots of value to their business? Owning a proactive and tangible approach towards chances is another important factor that can turn a Software Partner into the right one.

At Virtualmind our team is made up of top Developers, DevOps, manual and automation QAs, Data Engineers, UX/UI designers, and more, who are always ready to ramp up any project. We constantly encourage our team to be curious and keep on learning. One way of doing this is with our Trainings and Certifications programme, designed by our People Care team, in which our collaborators can access a wide range of courses to deepen the knowledge already acquired and incorporate new skills (technical or soft). This lets us identify new windows of opportunities quicker and be always ready to make the most out of them.
Do you want to learn more about how we step up and elevate our partner’s businesses? Do not hesitate to get in touch! Send me a message either via LinkedIn or my email: !

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